Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fresh Pixels

Welcome to AWSP's new blog, The Comp Book, a sometimes serious--sometimes not--look at the world of K-12 issues and the principalship in Washington state. We can't promise a witty post every time, but we will strive to provide an interesting and timely look at hot topics that may have principals in search of a solution. Or a sympathetic ear. Or both.

Since we're just starting out, The Comp Book will primarily be written by members of the AWSP executive staff. As things progress, though, we'd like to invite practicing principals to serve as guest bloggers. Some of you may already have your own blog, in which case, we might be calling YOU to help US!

The first page of our new comp book is complete. We hope you check back with us to see what's on our mind, and let us know what's on yours, too.

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Principal Mr. Malone said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere...I'm a AWSP member and principal in Puyallup.

I'm also a blogger, I have 3 main blogs.