Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Kids in the Marketing Department

Here's a fun one for you. The writers and editors of the Washington Post's kids section wanted to see how well a new TV commercial for breakfast cereal scored with its target audience. So they set up a focus group of fourth- and sixth-graders from a local elementary school to write down what they believed was the main idea of the advertisement, what they liked and what they disliked (it might make for a fun WASL prompt someday!). As Art Linkletter warned, kids do say the darndest things.

Presidential Primary Bumps Special Elections for Schools

As you may have heard, Washington state has a new presidential primary date -- Feb. 19. This bumps the Feb. 5 special election date many schools and districts use for bond and levy approval. Seattle-Northwest Securities (SNW), the state's largest financial adviser for school district bond and levy issues, recently issued a handy elections guide outlining the new election and resolution filing dates for 2008.

Incidentally, SNW will co-host its popular School Finance Workshop again Sept. 18 at the Shoreline Center with the help of the Washington School Public Relations Association.