Monday, April 2, 2007

Convention Reflections

It's the opening day of baseball season, the sun is shining and the NAESP Convention is coming to a quiet conclusion. That's quite a Monday!

I'm just tidying up after spending a great long weekend in Seattle. You can view some of my convention photos here. This was a great professional development opportunity for so many elementary and middle level administrators, and so nice to have it right here in Washington state.

I had the privilege of covering a session for NAESP's Convention News Online where principals from all over the world shared their concerns about the principalship. The good news: principals from the United Arab Emirates and Italy to Pennsylvania and Washington state are all grappling with the same issues (parental involvement, testing and principal certification, to name a few).

I'm still processing the conversation I shared with with four other principals who are avid bloggers (including two from Washington state -- Puyallup's Glenn Malone and Arturo Gonzalez). Joining us were Oklahoma's Dr. Jan Borelli and Arizona's Steve Poling. I was blown away by their creativity and excited at the possibilities blogs might have for others in our state. Arturo is a planning principal and is using blogs to talk about a new school. Others are using them for professional development with teachers and connecting with parents. It could be the next big thing in principal pro dev (if it isn't already!).

Did you know NAESP has their own blog, too?

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Great Work!

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