Thursday, April 26, 2007

Washington Scholars Day

Yesterday, AWSP and the Higher Education Coordinating Board hosted its annual celebration of Washington Scholars here in Olympia. It was a big day for us and for all of our guests -- more than 500 people!

This event draws principals, students and families from all over the state, many of whom have never been to Olympia or the capitol campus before. So the staff at AWSP and the HEC Board try to make the event extra special by allowing students access to the House chambers in the morning for a recognition ceremony. (Seeing all those students in the seats that were just last week occupied by legislators was pretty amazing!)

Attendees then got to participate in one of five breakout sessions on state government, the Supreme Court, lobbying, the attorney general's office and PR and the media. This gave the Scholars, and their families, a chance to learn more about the Legislature and related careers.

In the afternoon, everyone was treated to a luncheon at Saint Martin's University, courtesy of our partner, Comcast. Gov. Gregoire made time in her amazingly busy schedule to stop by and offer her congratulations, and incoming WSU President Dr. Elson Floyd provided some inspiring and humorous keynote remarks. And there was time for plenty of pictures, like Willapa Valley Principal Rob Friese (right) with his daughter, Chelsi, who was a 2007 Washington Scholar.

Being around all of those students and proud parents reminded me how special this time of year is for schools, when we celebrate our successes and the promise these young people hold.

TVW covered the morning program, the panel on PR and media and the luncheon. You can listen to the events on their Web site or watch for it to be rebroadcast on your local cable station.

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Gary Kipp said...

As I consider the great potential of the students in the celebration on this day, I have great hope for our future. I would have even more hope if more of them were considering education as a primary career choice upon graduation from college.