Wednesday, May 23, 2007

[Contractually Binding] Boogie Fever

Students attending Ballard High's prom in Seattle this year will have to sign contracts if they want to cut a rug.

That's according to a story published in last week's Seattle Weekly ("Getting Your Freak On Just Got Harder") detailing the difficult, if somewhat awkward, task of policing student dance moves. Apparently two years ago, the issue generated enough of a ruckus that administrators had to develop a containment strategy of sorts. Student leaders were tapped to tackle the problem. Their solution: adopting a 45-degree rule - no torsos bent more than 45 degrees perpendicular to the ground. The plan was scrapped after a year.

(Maybe Seattle's own Apolo Ohno -- the latest Dancing with the Stars champ -- could teach them a thing or two? Then again, even some of his dance moves might find him escorted off the gym floor...)

Now it's prom season, so Ballard and two other high schools are trying a more traditional American approach: signing contracts. This year's prom-goers at Ballard must sign contracts promising to abide by dance guidelines. Break the contract, and they have to shuffle off to Buffalo. (Or home, preferably.)

So what's the right solution? How are your high schools handling this issue -- or is it even an issue in your school or district?

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