Friday, June 1, 2007


According to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), our state's education department, just 85 test score appeals have been filed so far this year. (That's out of 240,000 tests, BTW.) The numbers were released earlier this week as part of an informational event for Washington state media. Of those filed:
  • 66 were in math; 12 were granted
  • 9 were in reading; 1 was granted
  • 10 were in writing; none (0) were granted
There are also about 2,000 students who have applied to submit a collection of evidence, according to Molly O'Connor, the state's assessment communications manager. The collection of evidence is one of the multiple alternatives to the WASL, a means by which high schoolers can demonstrate mastery in the content areas without re-taking the test. Another 85 students have filed their scores on the ACT, PSAT, SAT or ACT as proof of their abilities; 82 filed to use their PSAT scores, one filed to use SAT scores, and two filed to use ACT scores.

FYI, State Superintendent Terry Bergeson will present her "Report to Families" teleconference to the media on Friday, June 8, at which time she will announce the number of sophomores and juniors who passed the WASL in reading, writing and math this year.


Rodrigo said...

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Ryan said...

I'd love to see OSPI start archiving the K-20 teleconferences on their website, or pass them over to TV Washington and let them do the archival work. As much broadband as there is today, it seems odd to have the teleconference and then let it be lost to the ages.

Jocelyn McCabe said...

I knew I should have taken Spanish in school! :(

Ryan, that's a great idea. There should be a way to archive those, even for a short while, so others can see what they missed...

Jocelyn McCabe said...

Check that -- it appears to be Portuguese!