Monday, June 11, 2007

Where Credit is Due

Last Friday's "Report to Families" by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction suggests that students in the class of 2008 are rising to the challenge of the WASL as a graduation requirement. According to OSPI, 86.8 percent of the class has passed the test in reading and about the same (86.7 percent) did so on the writing exam -- both great numbers to cheer about. Math continues to be the subject of greatest concern, as just 74.3 of next year's graduating seniors have passed the test. The math requirement has been postponed until 2013, during which time the state will be working to review the standards, among other things.

The good news is more resources are being allocated to help those students still needing to get over the bar. The Legislature has allocated $12 million for Promoting Academic Success (PAS), which high schools and districts can use to target those students in need of additional reading, writing or math help.

Is the bar still too high for Washington's high school students? To see what the papers are saying about student progress, you can read this, this, this and this. Oh, and check out this and that, too.

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