Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tech Conference for Educators

Attention all tech-savvy principals!

(Yes, that's YOU!)

The National Association of Elementary School Principals is co-sponsoring the T+L Conference Oct. 17-19 in Nashville, Tenn., in what's billed as the largest annual educational technology event. Although we would not want to discourage anyone from attending AWSP's Principal's Conference that same week in Vancouver, Wash., this does sound like a great opportunity for school leaders with an interest in technology.

The event (we assume the T&L stands for technology and leadership) is being hosted by the National School Boards Association's Technology Leadership Network. According to the conference Web site, the event will focus on six big tech ideas, including "21st Century Skills" for students and educators alike.

With 75,000 new blogs and 200,00 MySpace pages being created every day (per Technorati), today's students, and to some extent, younger administrators, expect the world to be interactive.

What are you doing to keep your own technology skills up to speed? How about those of your staff?

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