Thursday, August 30, 2007

WASL: Drinking from the Fire Hose

Today's WASL score release by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction further underscores the incredible amount of testing data available. "Like drinking from a fire hose," quipped KING 5's Glenn Farley, reporting at noon on today's announcement. His analogy is not far from the truth.

In the wake of NCLB, the good news is, you have more data. The bad news have more data.

So what do you do with it all? That's the question newsrooms around the state are grappling with right now. How do you tell a numbers story when you (1) can't see the test or (2) the test results and (3) school, in some areas, has not started? This is perhaps where principals can be a good resource for their local media -- and share some good news about what's working in schools. Conversely, this is also a time when some principals will also have to be honest about what isn't working. Still, it's another opportunity to get your message across -- even just to your staff, students and families, about your instructional priorities for the year.

How have you communicated the results of WASL scores in your school? What do you do with your staff to distill all of the WASL information? How are you using it to improve classroom instruction?

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