Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits - Sept. 11, 2007

In today's Tuesday Tidbits:
  • OMG! Check out this USA Today article, confirming what many adults have suspected (and might also be a tad guilty of - LOL!): texting is affecting student writing habits.
  • Testify: AWSP President Charlene Milota (assistant principal, Salk Middle, Spokane P.S.) joined four other ed association presidents Monday to testify before the Task Force on Basic Education Finance. Milota underscored the need for a new system that was both equitable and flexible for public schools in Washington state. She was joined by reps from the Washington State School Directors' Association, Washington Education Association, Washington Association of School Administrators and the Public School Employees of Washington.
  • It's almost as bad as texting: The K-12 world is being taken to task for its abbreviations, which create verbal barriers for non-educator types (i.e., parents). While every industry has its own lingo, education seems to be brimming with these alphabet soup nicknames. NCLB, AYP, WASL, FERPA, NERCs, ESL, ELL -- let me count the ways...

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