Wednesday, November 28, 2007

National Assistant Principals' Task Force

Assistant Principals will soon have their own task force through the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Earlier this month, NASSP appointed 15 members to its National Task Force on Assistant Principalship for Middle Level and High Schools. The group will examine the role of the assistant principal and challenges these practitioners face in today's middle and high schools. According to NASSP's Web site, the goals of the task force are to:
  • Improve professional development for assistant principals.
  • Deliver programs and resources to inform the day-to-day work of assistant principals as they manage the business of the school.
  • Connect those day-to-day tasks to instructionally focused whole school collaborative leadership.
You can view a complete list of the new panelists, including full contact information for each, on the NASSP Web site.

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