Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogging with a Tennessee Twang

Just a reminder that I'll be packing up the ol' kit blog and heading for Nashville later this week to capture the good times and great speakers at the 87th NAESP Convention. In addition to blogging about the convention, I'll be doing some writing for the NAESP office, covering the following sessions for their online convention newsletter:
  • April 4: Dr. Jack Singer - Known as the "Patch Adams of Psychology," Dr. Singer is recognized among the world's leaders in promoting fun, humor and laughter as the most powerful antidotes to stress and illness.
  • April 4: Diane Hodges - Hodges is one of the foremost authorities on staff morale, staff dynamics, development and training.
  • April 7: Jane A.G. Kise - Kise is an educational consultant specializing in teambuilding, coaching and school staff development.
I also hope to post some pics of Washington state principals and assistant principals who will be attending this year's event. So if you're going, get ready to say "Cracker Barrel!"

You can check out all the convention offerings here. Stay tuned for more later this week!

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