Monday, March 17, 2008

Licensed to Teach - At Home?

Naturally, any time the subject of education appears in the media, it has our attention. So when the teaser for the CBS Evening News declared Saturday that you now need a teaching certificate to homeschool your child in California, we tuned in.

Last month, the Second District Court of Appeal in California was asked to weigh in on a case that would require the parents of eight children to send them to a regular public or private school, where their welfare could be monitored. A lower court had ruled that the parents had a constitutional right to home school their children. The appellate court found no such right existed, and further, that because the parents did not have teaching certificates, they could not educate their children.

As with all legal issues, this one will take some time to sort out and has raised educational and parental rights issues.

You can read the ruling here. You can also read Gov. Schwarzenegger's statement on this issue here.

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