Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks, USDA!

This item falls under the header "You're Not Serious, Are You?"

The folks in Texas have apparently struck gold (or would that be green?) when it comes to resolving the school lunch/childhood obesity struggle and healthy snacks. The solution?

Frozen Pickle Pops. Think Otter Pops with a gherkin twist.

Yes, it's the tastiest treat sweeping schoolyards everywhere. Frozen pickle juice in a handy to-go package!

You'll be glad to know the USDA has approved the PickleSickle --frozen pickle juice pops -- for distribution in public AND private schools (see their proud stamp of endorsement on the logo above at left). And don't worry! Booster clubs can get in on this action, too... Check out this Washington Post story about it, complete with a video of one lucky student taste tester!


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