Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Retreat on Math and Science?

A "two-tier" bar for passing the state math assessment? End-of-course assessments for science? A delay of both math and science graduation requirements?

Those are just a few changes Supt. of Public Instruction Randy Dorn will be proposing to the 2010 Legislature, according to a statement released by OSPI this morning. Dorn announced his recommended changes today at the WSSDA Annual Conference in Seattle. (To see Dorn's presentation materials, click here.)

"It's time to set our graduation bar for math at the right level," wrote Dorn in an op-ed piece for The Seattle Times. Gov. Gregoire disagrees. According to the Associated Press, "Gregoire says the superintendent is concerned about the state's graduation rate but she is concerned about preparing kids for live."

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colorado nursing schools said...

Maybe Dorn is just preparing students for college rather than preparing them for the other side of the coin which is for living on their own. Yes, students should learn and there should be some measure for this. But, wouldn't additional test be too much? Rather than exams, why focus on classroom needs?